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This is the home of Monique Thomas - Los Angeles based comedian, actor, improviser, classically trained singer, and your new best friend. Monique has a B.A. in Film and Television Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts and, after graduating, worked in the voice over department of a top tier talent agency. 

Combining her agency and film production experience, as a performer, Monique has a unique perspective that not only makes her an intelligent performer, but also someone who is incredibly easy to work with. She understands where you're coming from because she's been there... and there... and there. 


"Chili's" - Monique stars in a new National campaign for Chili's, premiering summer 2024. 

"SAG Celebrity Commercial"Monique stars alongside Kevin Smith in a new commercial. Watch it now on the Acting page.


"A Colorful Melancholy" - Monique stars in the brand new augmented reality experience from the minds behind In The Land of The Flabby Schnook. Premiering 2024. 

"Black Karen" Monique plays Stacey in this hilarious short film produced by Kevin Hart's production company LOL Network in collaboration with Sundance and NBC Universal - available now on the Peacock app.  Directed by Meagan Good and written by Danielle Nicolet.

"In The Land of the Flabby Schnook" - Monique is officially nominated for a 2021 Canadian Screen Award for her work in this one of a kind VR film that premiered at the Venice International Film Festival. Watch the trailer now in the Voice Over tab.






"The Kid's Table" - Monique is one of the stars of "The Kid's Table," a feature length documentary about the world of competitive bridge, produced by Beyond The Porch Productions. The Kid's Table is now available WORLDWIDE on Peacock, Apple TV, and Amazon.

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